Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "WORKING IT OUT" Workout

What you'll need:
- Good, LOUD Music
- A mat
- A jump rope
- A set of hand weights (5-10 lbs)
- A dodge ball or wad up a bath towel
- A chair or bench
- A tiara.... yes, a tiara! Do it!

Warm Up: 10-minute run on the treadmill or take it around the block!

Part I: Upper Body Do this block 3 times!
10 Push-ups full body or bent-knee
(Using heavy hand weights for the next 5 exercises)
20 Chest Flies lying on your back
20 Bench Presses on your back
20 Overhead Shoulder Presses sitting in a chair/on a bench
20 Bicep Curls standing up
20 Triceps Kick Backs bending at the hip, life elbows so your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Gently "kick back" the weight so your arms straighten out.
Jump rope for 1 minute

Intermission: 10-minute run on the treadmill or take it around the block again!

Part Two: Lower Body Do this block 3 times!
20 Right Leg Forward Lunges
20 Left Leg Forward Lunges
20 Standing Calf Raises
15 Basic Squats
Jump rope for 1 minute
1-minute Inner-Thigh Ball Squeezes Lying flat on your back, place the dodge ball between your knees. Gently squeeze the ball, using medium pressure
1-minute Hamstring & Booty Lift-Ups Using the same position as above, hold the ball firmly with your knees and gently lift your pelvis all the way up and then lower it down to the ground

Intermission: 10-minute run on the treadmill or take it around the block... again!

Part Three: Core/Booty
20 Basic Crunches
20 Two-Part Lift Crunches
20 Bicycle Kicks
3 30-second Body Planks
50 Clamshells Each Side Lie on your side, head resting on your hand. Bring both knees up to where you belly button is, stacking the feet. Place a light weight on your top knee and hold it there with your free hand. Life the top leg up and down, making sure you foot also lifts up the same height as your knee.

Cool Down: Breathe in deeply through nose and exhale through your mouth

After reading JHL's book (see The Day I Shot Cupid post) I'm going to try Stevie Sant’Angelo's (Jennifer's fabulous trainer) workout. It was all laid out in the Love-aholic book, and to be honest: I posted it on the Happa so I can reference it on my iPhone when I'm doing this 3 part workout... instead of carrying the book throughout the gym, and possibly misplacing it on a treadmill, leaving it next to the weights, or forgetting it at home. So I'm going to try this workout and see if I can make this my own workout routine... hell if I can do it! Wish me luck! haha

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