Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GNC WELLbeING™ Weight Management Turbokit

A Value of $138 - Only $99.99 (Gold Card Members pay $79.99)

The new GNC WELLbeING™ Bundle includes everything you need to start and maintain your healthy weight management program. Included is be-HOT™, be-FULFILLED™, be-CLEANSED™ and a WELLbeING™ Blender Bottle.

be-HOT Turbopak™: a breakthrough, customized fitness companion that has everything you need to maximize the results of your workout in one small revolutionary pack.be-HOT includes three groundbreaking formulas:

~be-DEFINED™ toning & sculpting formula: is a unique formula that can make your workout easier.* It features an amino acid derivative, proven to enhance athletic performance; electrolytes, essential to replenish during any workout routine; and antioxidants to protect your body against free radicals that can damage healthy cells.*

~be-ENERGIZED™ calorie burning formula: this multi-tasking formula combines the benefits of a thermogenic along with premium antioxidants. It features GNC's own clinically-proven thermogenic blend to help boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day.*

~be-ENHANCED™ diet supporting CLA: features a blend of essential fatty acids to help you look good, feel good and be healthy.* This supplement combines clinically-studied Tonalin® CLA, to help support metabolism and enhance your diet, with other essential fatty acids to provide a healthy source of energy.*

be-FULFILLED™: Meal replacement shake for women that's clinically-proven to enhance weight loss and support healthy metabolism and lean muscle. It's also proven to reduce cholesterol levels. Be-FULLFILLED™ features well-balanced ratios of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. It's also packed with 8 grams of fiber in each serving to help you feel fuller longer.

be-CLEANSED™: 7-Day Complete Detox and Cleansing Kit
Kit includes:
~Liquid Body Purifier: kick start your cleansing program with this body purifying liquid. With 5 grams of natural fiber per serving, it gently rids the body of toxins.

~Daily Detox Pack: this convenient pack includes three detox formulas. The Calorie-Cutting Digestive Enzymes feature clinically researched enzymes that actually cut the calories from the starchy foods you eat by converting carbohydrates into non-digestible fiber.* The Cleansing Formula supports kidney and urinary tract health with the help of a cranberry and herb blend.* The Anti-Bloating Formula helps to maintain water balance.* Enhanced with potassium and magnesium, these vital electrolytes regulate fluid and water retention levels.*

~Body Purifying Meal Plan: developed by GNC's nutrition experts, this high fiber, low calorie plan will keep your body pure with plenty of liquids, lean meat and organic fruits and vegetables.

& WELLbeING™ Blender Bottle: be-Fulfilled™ Mini Blender Bottle – Pink; use it to make your be-FULFILLED shakes. Perfect to take with you when you're on the go.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A Complete Line. Only for Women.
GNC WELLbeING™ is the first and only line of supplements, nutrition shakes and drinks designed to give women everything they need from three powerful product categories. Whole Body Nutrition improves your overall health, from digestion to bone strength. Fitness Nutrition helps you get better results from your workouts. And Therapeutic Body Care nourishes your well-being by helping to create the pampered experiences we all need.
GNC WELLbeING™ gives you the nutritional edge to be your best—and most powerful!

Soooo I bought this 4-pack in hopes this will motivate me to get my butt in gear! (and abs, legs, arms, etc...) I'm on Day 1 and so far it's not bad. I drank the chocolate shake and it wasn't too bad, I've had worse. The be-Hot Turbo pill pack are cute being pink, and thank gawd they aren't huge horse pills... we've all had those kind of pills, and you know they suck. And I walked around the yard (office yard that is) after lunch, so that will give me a boost for dance rehearsal tonight! And next week I'm going to be brave and start the be-Cleansed.... disgusting green drinks the first two days and all the pills for 7 days... not looking forward to it can't ya tell. I'm going limit my fast food and frozen dinner intake, and chill out on the diet sodas. The worst will be my withdrawls from french fries, pasta, and white rice... my demon feel-good foods. I'm also going to try to dedicate more time at the gym and get on that treadmill/elliptical and more yoga time. Wish me luck! hahaha!

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