Monday, February 28, 2011

"Sugar and Spice" by Lauren Conrad

Sugar and Spice . . . Not everyone's nice.
Fresh from being betrayed by one of her closest friends, new reality-television celebrity Jane Roberts has learned a few lessons. Most important: know who to trust. And in Hollywood, that list is short.
Although the press is intent on creating a tabloid war between her and ex-friend/current-costar Madison Parker, Jane just wants to take control of her life. She’s started by swearing off guys and the drama that comes with them. But when her high school sweetheart Caleb and her unrequited L.A. crush Braden show up, both acting sweeter than ever, Jane has a hard time remembering her no-boys rule. . . .
Her best friend, Scarlett, has only one guy on her mind: her new boyfriend, Liam. The girl who once thought love was a four-letter word is now head over heels. The problem is, being on a hit reality show means hanging out with other guys on-camera, and Liam isn’t too happy with pretending to play a bit part in her love life.
Just when everything feels out of control, Jane makes a shocking discovery—one that changes everyone’s definition of “reality” forever.
In her deliciously entertaining novel, television star Lauren Conrad pulls back the curtain on young Hollywood and shows that sometimes the real drama is behind the scenes. Review
It's a bittersweet moment finishing this book. I LOVE the whole series, so I was stoked to start the 3rd book, but I'm sad to see it end. It was just right though: drama, romance, sarcasm, twists and turns... I couldn't put it down!! Most books I'll start to read and I'm lucky if I make it to the end of that chapter before I fall to sleep (not out of boredom, just because reading soothes me to sleep). But once again I made it to chapter 15 before I realize that I should take a break for necessities, like food or potty!

I thought maybe it would be hard to start the third without going back and re-reading the 1st or 2nd (catch up on my drama from before) but Conrad does a wonderful job of re-introducing the characters and the drama-for-yo-momma from the 2 before.

Now that Jane, Scarlett, Gaby, & Madison have they're happy endings, I'm left to my TV, where I'm starting a "The Hills" marathon very soon.! Ya know, I wonder if they'd ever think about making the series into movies :)

"The Language of Sand" by Ellen Block

After the tragic death of her husband and son, Abigail Harker leaves her career as a lexicographer in Boston to become the caretaker of an old lighthouse on an island off the coast of North Carolina. Arriving on Chapel Isle in the off-season, Abigail imagines she will find peace and solitude while coming to know the island her late husband loved as a child. However, things are not quite as she imagines. The quaint lighthouse turns out to be a dilapidated wreck with a sordid past; the ambience proves to be both prickly and mysterious; and her memories of the life she left behind follow Abigail everywhere. At times melancholy but mostly life-affirming, The Language of Sand brings the island community to life in this book-club-friendly read that will have readers itching for a sequel.
-Heather Paulson, Booklist

I had somewhat a hard time getting into this book. Abigail looses her life in Boston and finds her new life in Chapel Isle... I doubt I'd be able to do that, but more power to ya sister! I like how there is 26 chapters, A to Z, all starting with a word from the dictionary (because she's a lexicographer) that mostly explains the chapter. I couldn't relate to her and the characters had left little to be desired, to me that is. There are house break-ins, gossip from the town at Bingo night, a ghost who messes with her head, a hurricane that is coming but then turns a different direction... this book is kind of all around the map. The most depressing part was reading her memories of her husband and little child... not good when I'm already horomonal.

After this book I knew I need some kind of Chelsea Handler or Lauren Conrad book to perk me up again....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks Dr. Seuss!

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.” — Dr. Seuss

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy XOXO Day!

"Candle light, moon light, star light,
The brightest glow is from love light."
- Grey Livingston

Happy Valentine's Day!
From Your Little Happa

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Word of the Day 2/12/2011

Emprise (noun): an adventurous, daring, or chivalric enterprise

Example: The poet Rupert Brooke, in an elegy to the passing of youth, lamented the loss of "high emprise and ventures dear."

Did You Know?: Someone who engages in emprises undertakes much, so it's no surprise that "emprise" descends from the Anglo-French word "emprendre," meaning "to undertake." It's also no surprise that "emprise" became established in English during the 13th century, a time when brave knights engaged in many a chivalrous undertaking. Fourteenth-century author Geoffrey Chaucer used "emprise" to describe one such knight in "The Franklin's Tale" (one of the stories in The Canterbury Tales): "Ther was a knyght that loved and dide his payne / To serve a lady in his beste wise; / And many labour, many a greet emprise, / He for his lady wroghte er she were wonne."

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wilma and Betty Esty Shop

"Wine Charms, drink charms, magnets, picture frames....Wilma and Betty create fun, useful, and unique items for gift giving or for you! Vintage imagery, pop culture references, interesting typography, and advertising are all inspirations for our designs. We enjoy working with paper, glue, paint, embellishments, and a sense of humor. Custom orders are welcome, so let us know what your little heart desires. " From the Wilma & Betty Designs

Now seriously, I would love to have these wedding wine charms!

These are PERFECT for Valentine's Day coming up!
I would love these for my tropical-themed bridal shower! Just tell Wilma and Betty the destination of the honeymoon and they'll customize a charm for you!

These Hollywood Royalty charms will make it hard for your girlfriends to decide who wants to me Liz, Marilyn, Audrey or Grace!  

Once you got the Hollywood Ladies, you have to get these bad boys: the Rat Pack!

And for your poker/black jack nights:

I'd like to buy them all and have a huge wine-o party! :)
Who's with me?!?!

I'd Rather Be...

I'm sorry, but I've been so tired lately that all I want to do is sleep! :)

Love in the Stars

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Peanut Update: 70 Days Left!

So I'm on week 30 (eep!!) and I have 10 weeks to go (if I make it to 40 weeks that is)!

It's now starting to sink in and terrify me that labor and delievery is coming up, later than sooner I hope!
  • Braxton Hicks contractions: they don't hurt but they catch me off guard and sometimes feel odd and it gets annoying at times.
  • Back pains begin: I'd have them sometimes, but now they are starting to become more and more frequent.
  • Pee-runs: more and more I'm running to the bathroom... at one point I swear it was 7 minutes between two of my runs!
  • Exhaustion setting in: I'm good for about 3-4 hours, then I'm ready for a 8 hour nap
  • Kick counting: the fun part! and boy o'boy he kicks, punches, shuffles, wiggles, and now hiccups!
The next 2 months are going to be life changing and all for the better! Here's to making it to April 15th!

#6 DZP: To Kill a Mockingbird

Scout and her brother Jem, live in the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, during the 1930s. The story covers three years, during which Scout and Jem undergo changes in their lives. They begin as innocent children, who spend their days happily playing games with each other and spying on the town bogeyman, Boo Radley. Through their father's work as a lawyer, they begin to learn of the racism and evil prevalent in their town, and mature painfully as they are exposed to it. - Wikipedia

Finch: "It's a sin to kill a mockingbird."

Now I loved reading this book when I was in high school. I even named my kitten Scout because she was a tomboy! But I've never seen the movie till now, and Gregory Peck was very nice to see in this!

I love all the characters in this book/film. Atticus Finch is a great father for raising 2 motherless children, and can really shoot a gun! Jem is brave and rugged; he always wants to be the leader and treats Scout like a little brother. Hence why Scout acts like a tomboy, and is shy when she has to wear a dress for school. Scout is my favorite out of the children: she's smart for her age and wants to learn about everything, and she gets into fights!

#6 DZP: The Birds

A wealthy San Francisco socialite (Melanie Daniels) meets and pursues a potential boyfriend (Mitch Brenner) from a San Francisco animal shop to a small Northern California town called Bodega Bay that slowly takes a turn for the bizarre when birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people there in increasing numbers and with increasing viciousness.

Annette brought this movie over one night because it's one of her favorites, and I've never seen it... nor really any Alfred Hitchcock film. Straight from the get-go, I knew the Melanie Daniels character was going to be an odd and strange lady. She meets a good looking man and immediately calls up her contacts to find out his name and address. Then she finds out from his neighbor where he spends his weekends, Bodega Bay... crazy stalker!! Then it gets better: she drives to Bodega Bay, finds out the house, his younger sister's name, and then rows a boat across the bay to the house!! He is cute, but jebus, she went through a LOT for the pursuit!

Now thanks to Annette, everytime that I see a flock of birds, or bird sitting across the wire, or bunching up here and there... I'm going to think about this movie and resort to the people who's eyes were plucked out from and murdered by the birds. Oh and seagulls no longer say "Mine?" so innocently!

Your Words...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 300th Post!

Saw this adorable skin for the iPhone 4 and had to get it! I've always loved the Mr. Men and Little Miss collection. The Little Miss Sunshine one was too cute and I had to have it (plus the movie is one of my favorites!) Availible at

But *cheers* to the 300th post!
And on to another 300 more!
(that too is a good movie... 300 that is haha)