Monday, February 28, 2011

"The Language of Sand" by Ellen Block

After the tragic death of her husband and son, Abigail Harker leaves her career as a lexicographer in Boston to become the caretaker of an old lighthouse on an island off the coast of North Carolina. Arriving on Chapel Isle in the off-season, Abigail imagines she will find peace and solitude while coming to know the island her late husband loved as a child. However, things are not quite as she imagines. The quaint lighthouse turns out to be a dilapidated wreck with a sordid past; the ambience proves to be both prickly and mysterious; and her memories of the life she left behind follow Abigail everywhere. At times melancholy but mostly life-affirming, The Language of Sand brings the island community to life in this book-club-friendly read that will have readers itching for a sequel.
-Heather Paulson, Booklist

I had somewhat a hard time getting into this book. Abigail looses her life in Boston and finds her new life in Chapel Isle... I doubt I'd be able to do that, but more power to ya sister! I like how there is 26 chapters, A to Z, all starting with a word from the dictionary (because she's a lexicographer) that mostly explains the chapter. I couldn't relate to her and the characters had left little to be desired, to me that is. There are house break-ins, gossip from the town at Bingo night, a ghost who messes with her head, a hurricane that is coming but then turns a different direction... this book is kind of all around the map. The most depressing part was reading her memories of her husband and little child... not good when I'm already horomonal.

After this book I knew I need some kind of Chelsea Handler or Lauren Conrad book to perk me up again....

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