*Day Zero Project Part II*

Dear Miss Erin, you have inspired me AGAIN!
My 2nd list starts on January 1, 2012 and I can’t wait to finish it all before September 30, 2015. And like Erin, MMW, & AlexJ, as I begin crossing things off, I've decided to continue sharing my experiences here on the Happa!
  1. Build a blanket fort with Ryan
  2. Go to SeaWorld with Alex & Ryan
  3. Create "Give, Save, Spend" Jars for Ryan
  4. Read Ryan's "My First Bible"
  5. Make a "Happy Birthday Avalanche" for Ryan's Birthday
  6. Take Ryan to the Library
  7. Take Ryan to Sky High
  8. Give Ryan a "glow in the dark bath"
  9. Potty Train Ryan
  10. Hide a sweet note in Alex's car
  11. Go Visit Daniel in Washington with Alex & Ryan
  12. Go to Forks, WA
  13. Go to Hogwarts (Orlando, FL)
  14. Go to Hawaii
  15. Go Visit Alex's Family in Mexico
  16. Stay at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas
  17. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  18. Sail on the Carnival Sunshine
  19. SeaTrek or Helmet Dive
  20. Climb the Dunn's River Falls
  21. Swim with a dolphin
  22. Take a trip up to Wine Country
  23. Eat at Johnny Garlic's
  24. Eat at 3 Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives Restaurants
  25. Go snowboarding
  26. Go to (a local) Ocktoberfest
  27. Go to the OC Fair
  28. Go to a book signing
  29. Go skydiving
  30. Go on a hike
  31. Go a MONTH without going to Target
  32. Go visit the Phillips family in Ohio
  33. Go to the Improv with Alex
  34. Go to Champange Brunch
  35. Go to the ballet
  36. Go Paddleboarding
  37. Go to Disneyland at Christmas time
  38. Go toYosemite National Park
  39. Stop biting my nails
  40. Whiten my teeth
  41. Reach my goal weight
  42. Grow out my hair long enough to make a sock bun
  43. Complete the 30 Day Shred
  44. Take a Zumba class
  45. Take a hot yoga class
  46. Complete Turbo Fire
  47. Have LASIK done
  48. Bake 5 kinds muffins (1/5)
  49. Make creme brulee
  50. Make two-toned frosting on cupcakes
  51. Make sourdough bread from stratch
  52. Make pizza from scratch
  53. Make alcohol/beer infused cupcakes
  54. Learn 5 recipes from my Mother-In-Law
  55. Make chocolate lollipops
  56. Make homemade pasta
  57. Make Parisian Macarons
  58. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner
  59. Do 5 recipes from the Siracha cookbook
  60. Make my own composter & use it
  61. Make 5 Pinterest projects & post them
  62. Make something at Color Me Mine
  63. Make my own cake stand
  64. Chalkboard paint something
  65. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
  66. Buy a new refridgerator
  67. Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
  68. Watch all six Star Wars movies
  69. Take my parents out to dinner and pay for it
  70. Put change in someone's expired parking meter
  71. Go to the LA Food & Wine Festival
  72. Pay for the person behind me at a drive-thru
  73. Take Jax to a dog beach
  74. Have a spa day with my girls
  75. Have a conversation with my Mother-In-Law, in SPANISH
  76. Buy a new dish washer
  77. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon with my Mom
  78. Have 5 kiddo playdates with the Hernandez family
  79. Have 5 Wing-Wine-Wednesday with Netters
  80. Receive something that comes in a little blue box :)
  81. Go without Starbucks for 40 days
  82. Make snow angels
  83. Sell something I've created myself
  84. Create a 'That's Not my Name" blog/tumbler with Erin & Madalyn
  85. Start a blog with my own domain
  86. Blog about completing each goal for this DZP
  87. Maybe Alex will put a ring on it...
  88. Prego with Baby #2...

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