Monday, January 21, 2013

#33 DZP II: Meet Beck Michael Phillips

#33 DZP II: Meet Beck Michael Phillips
I finally met the little guy!
Beck took his first plane ride from Ohio all the way out west to Cali, where Beck's Daddy is originally from. Mommy and Daddy are old friends of mine, and Beck's Mommy & I are practically sisters, and at one point in our Pre-Mommy-Status we were attached at the hip!
So when she was prego with the little man, I was completely thrill for them and Ryan would have a long distance cousin!
Now I knew he was a big boy, but he's a BIG BOY! He's almost Ryan's weight and he's got those lovable chunky-chunk-legs, and his parents hit on the nail: He can rock a Tank Top!
At one point I was holding Beck on my hip and when my brat took off from our table, I had to run after him (baby on hip) and picked Ryan up from his tantrum on the ground (baby still on hip), and proceeded to carrier both boys back to the table (both on hips). That was a workout!
It's Ryan second time seeing his Auntie Julie, but aside the temper-tanrums-from-terrible-twos, he did great! It was overall a great Sunday morning, and I was excited to see my best friend & her happy family!
Love him. Period.

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