Monday, March 11, 2013

#83 DZPII: Plant a Rose Garden

#83 DZP II: Plant a Rose Garden
A while ago, Alex & Ryan decided to take out all the old shrubs & flowers from this side planter. So it was dirt for a while there. Until yesterday (Sunday) when Alex & I thought to go get roses to put in the planter. It was his "brilliant" idea, but little did he know that roses were on the DZP list!

Ryan helped of course with his little plastic shovel and bucket and was shoveling dirt around, having a great time!
He even got to help at Home Depot with picking the flowers... but he was more concerned about the little planter pots with the tropical birds. It was a great Sunday!

Monday, March 4, 2013

#53 DZPII: Bring a bagged lunch to work for one week

#53 DZPII: Bring a bagged lunch to work for one week

Basically it's going to look like this all week.
And it looked like that the week before.
And the week before that. 
I've been trying to eat healthier and work toward my #43 Goal: Reach My Goal Weight. So I've turned to bringing in my lunch in my cute teal wrap lunch bag. Usually has my midmorning snack (grapefruit), my lunch (a salad and apple), my midafternoon snack (protein shake or veg/hummus), and then I'm all set to go home and have my lean & green dinner! 

So I'm starting my 3rd week of bringing my day meals to work. It's been tough, and I've broken down (stole some french fries from my coworker), but I've been trying to stay strong.