Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Kicking Baby Boy :)

So I FINALLY got a video of the little one kicking away. It's actually pretty tough to get it on film (at least for an inexperienced like me it is) but one morning, before I even thought about getting up and out of bed, Baby Peanut Ryan decided to get the morning going on his own. Wiggling and grooving in there, he definitely got me up and at least decided to feed us some breakfast... good call little man!

So you might miss it, but he starts at the very beginning of the clip, and the ending final bumps around. Hope he enjoys it now, it's going to get pretty cramped in there... final weeks approaching!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

KnockKnocking Esty Shop

Agnes Blum from Austin, Texas is the shop owner of KnockKnocking. I spotted her cupcake toppers and they are too cute for words! Take a look:

Originally known for her handmade felt yarn wreaths (which are BEAUTIFUL!), she also has pins/brooches and little bouquets.
I'm going to have to get my hands on the Air Wreath!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tiffany & Co. Heart Key Charm

Be still my Heart!

I don't know why I'm such a sucker for Valentine's Day, but alas, I am.
While looking at the latest from Tiffany's website of their Valentine's Day jewelry, I saw this beauty.

I've seen the Key Charms before, but the pink sapphire in this sterling silver charm just stole my heart. It's simple and sweet, and I'm in love with this Heart Key Charm.

KayLim Design Esty Shop

Found this shop one day, just browsing ya know, and I can't wait to work on getting my old figure back so I can buy up these designs!! I love how unique and one-of-a-kind they all are! Gawd I wish I was that talented! 

Majoring in Fine Arts in college, she took a sewing class and loved the creativity of altering her own clothes... which lead her to pursue a fashion design career... which I'm glad she did!

"I--firmly--believe that one's genuine art or creativity can never be mass produced since the artist imparts a different unique statement to each creative effort." - Kay Lim

These are just some of my favorites:

Loose Fit Sweater Knit Hoodie

Textured Knit Beanie

Sweatshirt Fleece Puff Sleeve Hoodie

Open Vest Layered Scoop Neck Shirt

Kay Lim was also a Featured Seller on Esty back in 2009!
& she's also on Facebook!

The Perfect Pebble

“When a male is sweet on a female, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her. When he finally finds it, he waddles over and presents the stone by placing it at her feet. If she accepts, they’ll be life-long mates.”

Word of the Day 1/24/2011

Telegenic (adjective): well-suited to the medium of television; especially : having an appearance and manner that are markedly attractive to television viewers
Examples: This year's playoffs will feature some very telegenic rookies playing alongside veterans destined for the Hall of Fame.

"What readers remember from the rolling thunder of Mailer's extravagant prose production … was the enshrouding of J.F.K. as the first movie-star politician, the avatar and launch vehicle for the suppressed libido of the country's Hollywood dream life after the long lullaby of the Eisenhower era. With J.F.K., telegenic charisma became part of the package deal." -- From an article by James Wolcott in Vanity Fair, September 2010

Did You Know?: "Telegenic," which first appeared in print in 1939, is essentially a compound formed out of "television" and "photogenic." "Photogenic" is also the word that caused the addition of a new sense to "-genic," namely "suitable for production or reproduction by a given medium" (as in the occasionally seen "videogenic": "The '80s were a time that created a lot of videogenic bands who weren't necessarily compelling live artists...." -- Ron Shapiro, quoted in Entertainment Weekly, September 25, 1998). "Telegenic" may seem like a word that would primarily refer to people, but there is evidence for telegenic events (such as popular sports), objects, and responses. Occasionally, one even sees reference to a telegenic attitude or other intangible.

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Audrey Hepburn Anniversary

Audrey Hepburn
May 4, 1929 to January 20, 1993

If you don't know anything about me, know that Audrey Hepburn will forever be my idol.
If you do know me, then you know I'm practically obsessed.

Now you can go on Wikipedia to read up about her life, I'm not going to copy/paste it all here.

What you won't find on Wikipedia is the fact that I have collected Audrey Hepburn memorabilia probably since I was just out of high school (no need to calculate the years for that). I have several framed photographs/posters, and I have most of her movies. I have tons of knick-knacks due to the mass production of Audrey Hepburn (like t-shirts and such)... mostly of iconic Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I also have collected many published books/biographies of her, I personally love the one from her son Sean Hepburn Ferrer. Another personal fact: Moon River (performed by Audrey and composed by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer) melts my heart, brings tears to my eyes, and instantly calms me down if I feel unsure of the world around me. 

It's always a safe bet that anything Audrey I will love and adore.

Granted I was 8 years old when she passed away, but I will always look up to who she was and strive to be half the woman she was.

“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.” - Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Any Plans...?

I know we still have a while till the 14th of February, but any plans?
Just thought pink roses would make any girl feel loved!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep Calm and...

Just thought it was funny and sometimes we just need a little laugh :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Word of the Day 1/17/11

Procrastinate (verb)

1: to put off intentionally and habitually
2: to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done

Examples: Somehow, despite procrastinating, Melody managed to hand her assignment in on time.

"Some high school students procrastinate on college applications because they are intimidated by the essays. Other students procrastinate because the myriad of college choices is overwhelming, making it difficult to prioritize what colleges to apply to." -- From an article in PR Newswire, December 16, 2010

Did You Know?: We won't put off telling you about out the origins of "procrastinate." English speakers borrowed the word in the 16th century from Latin "procrastinatus," which itself evolved from the prefix "pro-," meaning "forward," and "crastinus," meaning "of tomorrow." Like its synonyms "delay," "lag," "loiter," "dawdle," and "dally," "procrastinate" means to move or act slowly so as to fall behind. It typically implies blameworthy delay especially through laziness or apathy.

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

77 Surprising Expiration Dates

I was reading a RealSimple email, and I found this article interesting. Some things I knew about the expiration dates, but some things (like the beauty products) were good FYI facts. Just wanted to share!

A handy keep-or-toss guide to 77 foods, beauty products, and household goods.
by Maya Kukes and Lisa Smith from Real Simple

Certain items in your house practically scream “toss me” when their prime has passed. That mysterious extra white layer on the Cheddar? A sure sign it needs to be put out of its misery. Chunky milk? Down the drain it goes.

But what about that jar of olives or Maraschino cherries that has resided in your refrigerator since before the birth of your kindergartner? Or the innumerable nonedibles lurking deep within your cabinets and closets: stockpiled shampoo and toothpaste, seldom-used silver polish? How do you know when their primes have passed?

With help from experts and product manufacturers, Real Simple has compiled a guide to expiration dates. These dates are offered as a rough guideline. The shelf lives of most products depend upon how you treat them. Edibles, unless otherwise indicated, should be stored in a cool, dry place. (With any food, of course, use common sense.) Household cleaners also do best in a dry place with a stable temperature. After the dates shown, beauty and cleaning products are probably still safe but may be less effective.

Unopened: 4 months.

Brown sugar
Indefinite shelf life, stored in a moistureproof container in a cool, dry place.

Chocolate (Hershey bar)
1 year from production date

Coffee: canned ground
Unopened: 2 years
Opened: 1 month refrigerated

Coffee: gourmet
Beans: 3 weeks in paper bag, longer in vacuum-seal bag (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)
Ground: 1 week in sealed container

Coffee: instant
Unopened: Up to 2 years
Opened: Up to 1 month

Diet soda (and soft drinks in plastic bottles)
Unopened: 3 months from “best by” date.
Opened: Doesn't spoil, but taste is affected.

Dried pasta
12 months

Frozen dinners
Unopened: 12 to 18 months

Frozen vegetables
Unopened: 18 to 24 months
Opened: 1 month

Indefinite shelf life

Juice: bottled (apple or cranberry)
Unopened: 8 months from production date
Opened: 7 to 10 days

Unopened: 1 year (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)
Opened or used: 4 to 6 months (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)

Maple syrup: real or imitation
1 year

Maraschino cherries
Unopened: 3 to 4 years
Opened: 2 weeks at room temperature; 6 months refrigerated

Unopened: 40 weeks
Opened: 3 months

Unopened: Indefinitely
Opened: 2 to 3 months from “purchase by” date (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)

2 years (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)

Olives: jarred (green with pimento)
Unopened: 3 years
Opened: 3 months

Olive oil
2 years from manufacture date (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)

Unopened: 1 to 2 years unless frozen or refrigerated
Opened: 1 to 2 weeks in airtight container

Peanut butter: natural
9 months

Peanut butter: processed (Jif)
Unopened: 2 years
Opened: 6 months; refrigerate after 3 months

Unopened: 18 months
Opened: No conclusive data. Discard if slippery or excessively soft.

Protein bars (PowerBars)
Unopened: 10 to 12 months. Check “best by” date on the package.

Rice: white
2 years from date on box or date of purchase

Salad dressing: bottled
Unopened: 12 months after “best by” date
Opened: 9 months refrigerated

Soda: regular
Unopened: In cans or glass bottles, 9 months from “best by” date
Opened: Doesn’t spoil, but taste is affected

Steak sauce
33 months (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)

5 years, stored in a cool, dry place

Tea bags (Lipton)
Use within 2 years of opening the package

Tuna: canned
Unopened: 1 year from purchase date
Opened: 3 to 4 days, not stored in can

Soy sauce: bottled
Unopened: 2 years
Opened: 3 months (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)

42 months

Wine (red, white)
Unopened: 3 years from vintage date; 20 to 100 years for fine wines
Opened: 1 week refrigerated and corked

Worcestershire sauce
Unopened: 5 to 10 years (after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume)
Opened: 2 years

Air freshener, aerosol
2 years

Antifreeze, premixed
1 to 5 years

Antifreeze, concentrate

Batteries, alkaline
7 years

Batteries, lithium
10 years
3 to 6 months

Dish detergent, liquid or powdered
1 year

Fire extinguisher, rechargeable
Service or replace every 6 years

Fire extinguisher, nonrechargeable
12 years

Laundry detergent, liquid or powdered
Unopened: 9 months to 1 year
Opened: 6 months
Metal polish (silver, copper, brass)
At least 3 years

Miracle Gro, liquid
Opened: 3 to 8 years

Miracle Gro, liquid, water-soluble

Motor oil
Unopened: 2 to 5 years
Opened: 3 months

Mr. Clean
2 years

Unopened: Up to 10 years
Opened: 2 to 5 years

Spray paint
2 to 3 years

2 years

Wood polish (Pledge)
2 years

BEAUTY PRODUCTSAll dates are from the manufacture date, which is either displayed on the packaging or can be obtained by calling the manufacturer's customer-service number.

Bar soap
18 months to 3 years

Bath gel, body wash
3 years

Bath oil
1 year

Body bleaches and depilatories
Unopened: 2 years
Used: 6 months

Body lotion
3 years

2 to 3 years

Unopened: 2 years
Used: 1 to 2 years
(For antiperspirants, see expiration date)

Eye cream
Unopened: 3 years
Used: 1 year

Face lotion
With SPF, see expiration date. All others, at least 3 years

Foundation, oil-based
2 years

Foundation, water-based
3 years

Hair gel
2 to 3 years

Hair spray
2 to 3 years

Lip balm
Unopened: 5 years
Used: 1 to 5 years

2 years

Unopened: 2 years
Used: 3 to 4 months

Three years from manufacture date

Nail polish
1 year

Nail-polish remover
Lasts indefinitely

1 to 2 years

Rubbing alcohol
At least 3 years

2 to 3 years

Shaving cream
2 years or more

Tooth-whitening strips
13 months

Wash’n Dri moist wipes
Unopened: 2 years
Opened: Good until dried out

Word of the Day 1/12/11

Plinth (noun)

1: the lowest part of the base of an architectural column
2: a block used as a base (as for a statue)

Examples: The museum workers reverently set the newly restored statue back onto an imposing plinth.

"Anthony put on his glasses and bent down, searching for a minute label taped to the marble plinth on which the Atlas figures stood." -- From Rose Tremain's 2010 novel Trespass

Did You Know?: "These ivy-clad arcades -- / These mouldering plinths ... are they all -- / All of the famed, and the colossal left…?" In these lines from "The Coliseum," Edgar Allan Poe alludes to a practical feature of classical architecture. The plinth serves the important purpose of raising the base of the column it supports above the ground, thus protecting it from dampness and mold. The humble plinth is usually a mere thick block. It’s humbly named, too, for the Greek word "plinthos" means simply "tile" or "brick." English writers have used "plinth," a shortened version of the Latin form "plinthus," since the beginning of the 17th century. The meaning was extended to bases for statues, vases, or busts in the 18th century.

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Vintage Chain Esty Shop

I am LOVING these charmed necklaces!

Came across this shop and I simply adore the "Pregnancy/Birth" necklaces... along with everything else in that store! These necklaces are personalized & handstamped so they'll always hold a special place in your heart.

Like this one below:

Just instead of Anna... it would be Ryan! Or Peanut!

And I think I would want this one to be "Alex, Shannon, Ryan"
(largest to smallest order)

This one I love too! It's beautiful and sweet!

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..."

Check them all out! The Vintage Chain Shop

Friday, January 7, 2011

One Word Posting!

It seems to be the cool thing to post! haha! jk! I'll keep to the one word though...

Your Cell Phone? iphone
Your Significant Other? Alex
Your Hair? Longer
Your Mother? Empress
Your Father? Crazy
Your Favorite? Eatting
Your Dream Last Night? Sexy!
Your Favorite Drink? Wine
Your Dream/Goal? Health
What Room Are You In? Office 
Your Hobby? Baking
Your Fear? Lonliness
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Disneyland
Where Were You Last Night? Anaheim
Something That You Aren’t? Workaholic
Muffins? Cupcakes!
Wish List Item? Sushi
Where Did You Grow Up? Fullerton
Last Thing You Did? Texting
What Are You Wearing? Maternity
Your TV? HD
Your Pets? Adorable
Your Computer? On
Friends? Loves!
Your Life? Exciting
Your Mood? Exhausted
Missing Someone? Auntie
Your Car? Acura
Your Work? Trucking
Something You Aren’t Wearing? Jacket
Your Favorite Store? Vickie's
Your Favorite Color? White
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Earlier
Last Time You Cried? December
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Disneyland
Favorite Place To Eat? MeltingPot (okay that's kinda cheating)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Word of the Day 1/6/2011

Aureate (adjective)

1: of a golden color or brilliance
2: marked by grandiloquent and rhetorical style

Examples: Matthew tried to get into the novel that Stephanie had recommended, but he found reading the author's aureate prose too much of a slog.

"Still low over the flatland east, the sun threw long aureate light across the field." -- From Jeffrey Stepakoff's 2010 novel Fireworks Over Toccoa

Did You Know?: "Aureate" is among several adjectives in English pertaining to gold that derive from the Latin name for the metal, "aurum." While its relatives "auriferous" and "auric" are more likely to appear in scientific contexts to describe substances containing or made from gold (or "Au," to use its chemical symbol), "aureate" has tended to have a more literary allure since it was first used in English in the early 15th century. Over time, the word's use was extended from "golden" to "resplendent," and it finally lost some of its luster as it came to mean "grandiloquent."

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day

#61 DZP: Adopt a Puppy From a Shelter/Foster Home

Totally forgot about this goal! This last December was filled with puppies!
With the very unfortunate loss of Ginger, who wasn't even a year old and was murdered by a hungry pack of coyotes, my parents had a hard time dealing with the fact whether or not to get a new puppy. My Mother (who took the loss the hardest) wasn't ready for a new pup just yet, unlike my Father who needed a replacement to essentially distract himself from finding Ginger that dreadful Sunday morning.

So I went back to the Friends of Orange County's Homeless Pet's website and started to browse. I spotted a litter of mutts coming from the Perris, CA area. There was a little light tan, mini-lab-looking, female named "Kendall".


She was going to be moved with her sister "Hillary" (a mini beagle look-alike) to their new foster parent in Tustin, CA on December 1st. After my application went through, I contacted the foster parent and asked if my folks and I could visit Kendall with our dog Kricket (older Boston Terrier, Ginger's older sister).


So that night, we jet down to Tustin and met Kendall and Hillary. I suddenly had a change of heart and fell in love with Hillary (the darker one). She was shy and timid at first but very lovable when you picked her up. My Father fell in love with Kendall, because she was more outgoing and wanted to play with everyone! My Mother couldn't help her heart and loved both, and hated the thought of splitting the sisters up... so we adopted BOTH!

So we went through several names, but Malory (the beagle look-alike) and Millie (the lighter one) became their names! Yes, my parents were thankful for the new additions, and I'm sure glad I was able to give these puppies a loving home... even if potty-training is a little bit more difficult with 2 of them!

Then there was Scooter.

Scooter is a mutt one of my coworker's adopted. My grandmother and I kept threatening that we were going to steal Scooter and take him away! Scooter was always around the yard and loved to play with our yard/gaurd dog Saije (older female fat Pitbull). He's a very energetic puppy and can make dog-haters love him!

Unfortunately after a month, my coworker couldn't fully take care of him. Now when I heard this news, I immediately offered to buy the puppy for my grandmother, who has been complaining at this time of wanting her own puppy and being so lonely at her house. I took him home, bathed him, took him to the vet for first shots, got him plenty of toys and made sure my grandmother would be ready for puppy potty-training.

So on December 19th, my Mother and I took the little guy over to her house and surprised her with an early Christmas present! She didn't recognize him at first but still loved that there was a little ball of fuzz running around her house again.

Originally Scooter was named "Chico", then "Diego", I named him "Pigpen" after Charlie Brown's less-than-clean buddy but it was my grandmother in the end that named him Scooter... and I believe it suits him!

So as you can see, 3 new puppies for the family! Maybe one day, once my time has runned up on the DZP, I'll adopt a puppy from the shelter again for myself.

Now to get Puppy DNA tests for all 3...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

100 Days To Go!

"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body." - Elizabeth Stone

Oh geez... 100 days left. 100 DAYS LEFT!
Coming closer and closer to the end here!
(And yes that's me... in my bathroom, checking out my belly-button slowly poking out, heck it's the only recent belly pic I got!)

Also coming up to 26 weeks, which is eventually coming up to 28 weeks (the beginning of my 3rd trimester!) Not gonna lie, but I now can't wait for my little man to come meet us all in the world!

The baby shower is coming up as well and I can't wait! Julie from Ohio will be coming out to California  next week which I'm very excited about, so she'll be able to make the shower! Heck! She's the reason the shower date was set! And my BooBoo Lil Alex was so kind enough to be involved with my shower: she's done an amazing job and has been a huge help! (I feel kinda bad because I haven't really done anything!) Oh and the invitations are just adorable! I'm thankful for all that she's done so far, and all that she plans to do! It's going to be the best baby shower ever! So stoked for it!

I've been very thankful for my support system, which only keeps growing (just like my baby!). I love that this child will have so much love around him and will have the best aunts and uncles! That right there makes me emotional and brings a tear to my eye!

And yes, I'm not having the easiest of pregnancies, but in the end, when I imagine holding my little man in my arms: that makes it all worth it! Feeling him move inside is truly a wonderful feeling, even if he is going to be the next Muhammad Ali!

*Grabs water bottle* So here's to you lil Ryan! And here's to the last of our 99 days as one!

"A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it." - Frank A. Clark

Monday, January 3, 2011

#34 DZP: No Fast Food for a Month

New Year, New Month, not-so-new Me!

Well after the holidays (or after 2010), I think I've enjoyed my share of fast food. So I'll try to make January of 2011 a month of no:

-Carl's Jr.
-McDonalds (even though I never eat there anyways)
-Jack in the Box
-Del Taco
-Taco Bell
-Burger King
-Fat Burger
-Pizza Hut
-Dominoes Pizza
- In & Out Burger (gawd help me with this one!)

The ONLY "fast food" place I am NOT putting on this list is Subway. I feel that Subway is not a terrible place and reasonably healthy. And I really do not have the time, nor the energy to make every meal for myself. I enjoy a lot of light sandwiches and salads from Subway so I'm taking them off the "fast food" list!

I think I'll also revisit my "Fast Food Nation" book and re-read some interesting (interestingly gross) facts to keep me motivated!

Wish me luck!