Monday, January 3, 2011

#34 DZP: No Fast Food for a Month

New Year, New Month, not-so-new Me!

Well after the holidays (or after 2010), I think I've enjoyed my share of fast food. So I'll try to make January of 2011 a month of no:

-Carl's Jr.
-McDonalds (even though I never eat there anyways)
-Jack in the Box
-Del Taco
-Taco Bell
-Burger King
-Fat Burger
-Pizza Hut
-Dominoes Pizza
- In & Out Burger (gawd help me with this one!)

The ONLY "fast food" place I am NOT putting on this list is Subway. I feel that Subway is not a terrible place and reasonably healthy. And I really do not have the time, nor the energy to make every meal for myself. I enjoy a lot of light sandwiches and salads from Subway so I'm taking them off the "fast food" list!

I think I'll also revisit my "Fast Food Nation" book and re-read some interesting (interestingly gross) facts to keep me motivated!

Wish me luck!

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