All Akiko

Happy Happa...

My mother Eileen is full Japanese, and my father “Doc” … well he's just a mixed White: but hence the Happa!

Born June 19th 4:32pm & raised in Orange County, I spent most for my childhood playing pretend and playing house out of large TV boxes. Making “soup” out of leaves, branches, berries, and petals was my culinary specialty!

As a teenager, I participated in my Jr high school’s & high school’s colorguard and other dancing schools. Colorguard and dancing has become my life, and even today I teach at a Southern California high school guard as a Dance Coach and the “right-hand-man” to my good friend Annette who is the head Instructor. (Special thanks to Annette for giving me a chance to contribute to an organization so wonderful! I love our guard!)

I have been very lucky to have a family who loves to travel and that “hobby” to see the world of course was passed down to me. Not only have I been around the States, but I’ve recently visited Japan, the Tahitian Islands, Egypt, and the Eastern Mediterranean. Needless to say, I love to travel.

I also have a shopping addiction… like most girls right!! So I do a lot of online shopping, and every once in a while (like once every week) I hit up the mall. I consider it as retail therapy. And best believe that I always have a purse, pair of heels, or an outfit on my mind and just waiting to be put in my closet!

I’m also a bit of a water-baby. I wasn’t at first when I was a child, but as soon as my parents placed me into swimming lessons… there was no getting me out of the water. I enjoy the beach of course, but I also love lakes and rivers. I’ve only been to Lake Havasu once, but it was the best lake trip! I love to ride my PWC/jet ski and I’m also learning how to wakeboard… better. I’m a bit of an outdoors kind-of girl so even when my family and I go camping, I love to visit the local Jenks Lake, or even the Big Bear Lake itself!

Now granted up to now I lived on the “mainland”, but my heart will always be for the islands of Hawaii. I lost count of how many times I’ve been so fortunate to visit the islands, but each time it feels more like home. In some ways, I’m the most “calm, cool, collected” at the North Shore, or down by the black sands of the Oneuli Beach on Maui. Hell even at an ABC Store I’m home!!

This blog was started just for fun! I’m pretty random, and I’ve decided this can capture it all!