Friday, June 28, 2013

#87 DZPII: Take Ryan to the Beach

When asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, I came to a great decision: at least I thought so!

Take Ryan to the Beach for the First Time!!
I knew he'd love the beach, I was just a little worried about his reaction to the water: too cold, maybe knocking him down, a little scary... but he did great! Instantly loved the beach!
I packed up his play tent, several towels, beach chairs, kites, buckets, toys, shovels, sunscreen, water, hats, sunglasses... the whole nine-yards!
He wanted to go in the water, but then stopped right where the last tide would wash up, then he'd run back up to our chairs, then run down to the water, but stop and cry "No agua!" so we started to walk back up to the chairs, then "AGAIN!", so we walked back to the water..."No water!", then "Again water!"... that was about an hour of that... but he was tired and it was nap time... So poor Auntie Annette and I took turns going back and forth with Ryan.
Then his Auntie Alex & Uncle David came out and he took them down to see the ocean, and was happy as a clam! Ryan got to fly his kite, make sand castles (errr, or knock down Uncle David's sand castles), and he even dived face first in the sea! I know there are more beach trips in our future!

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