Friday, June 28, 2013

#49 DZPII: Buy a little black dress & work it!

Not my best picture but the elevator door opened and we all rushed into it!
For my dear friend Alex's bachelorette celebration in Las Vegas, the girls and I were asked to bust out our little black dresses... needless to say I didn't have one, and it was a great excuse to go buy one!
Summertime doesn't give me much options for all black dresses... but I did end up finding this strapless from New York and Company.
It's an eyelet strapless with POCKETS! Big time score with the pockets!
But I must be too fat for it... the zipper broke on me several times and so after our dinner I was walking back to the room with a broken zipper - back showing, bra strap showing, and I held the dress up so my undies didn't show *sigh*
I know what you're thinking... return it! But unfortunately there was a tag that was not to be taken off, otherwise I could have. But the tag was torn off as soon as I got in it.

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