Monday, January 24, 2011

KayLim Design Esty Shop

Found this shop one day, just browsing ya know, and I can't wait to work on getting my old figure back so I can buy up these designs!! I love how unique and one-of-a-kind they all are! Gawd I wish I was that talented! 

Majoring in Fine Arts in college, she took a sewing class and loved the creativity of altering her own clothes... which lead her to pursue a fashion design career... which I'm glad she did!

"I--firmly--believe that one's genuine art or creativity can never be mass produced since the artist imparts a different unique statement to each creative effort." - Kay Lim

These are just some of my favorites:

Loose Fit Sweater Knit Hoodie

Textured Knit Beanie

Sweatshirt Fleece Puff Sleeve Hoodie

Open Vest Layered Scoop Neck Shirt

Kay Lim was also a Featured Seller on Esty back in 2009!
& she's also on Facebook!

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