Thursday, January 6, 2011

#61 DZP: Adopt a Puppy From a Shelter/Foster Home

Totally forgot about this goal! This last December was filled with puppies!
With the very unfortunate loss of Ginger, who wasn't even a year old and was murdered by a hungry pack of coyotes, my parents had a hard time dealing with the fact whether or not to get a new puppy. My Mother (who took the loss the hardest) wasn't ready for a new pup just yet, unlike my Father who needed a replacement to essentially distract himself from finding Ginger that dreadful Sunday morning.

So I went back to the Friends of Orange County's Homeless Pet's website and started to browse. I spotted a litter of mutts coming from the Perris, CA area. There was a little light tan, mini-lab-looking, female named "Kendall".


She was going to be moved with her sister "Hillary" (a mini beagle look-alike) to their new foster parent in Tustin, CA on December 1st. After my application went through, I contacted the foster parent and asked if my folks and I could visit Kendall with our dog Kricket (older Boston Terrier, Ginger's older sister).


So that night, we jet down to Tustin and met Kendall and Hillary. I suddenly had a change of heart and fell in love with Hillary (the darker one). She was shy and timid at first but very lovable when you picked her up. My Father fell in love with Kendall, because she was more outgoing and wanted to play with everyone! My Mother couldn't help her heart and loved both, and hated the thought of splitting the sisters up... so we adopted BOTH!

So we went through several names, but Malory (the beagle look-alike) and Millie (the lighter one) became their names! Yes, my parents were thankful for the new additions, and I'm sure glad I was able to give these puppies a loving home... even if potty-training is a little bit more difficult with 2 of them!

Then there was Scooter.

Scooter is a mutt one of my coworker's adopted. My grandmother and I kept threatening that we were going to steal Scooter and take him away! Scooter was always around the yard and loved to play with our yard/gaurd dog Saije (older female fat Pitbull). He's a very energetic puppy and can make dog-haters love him!

Unfortunately after a month, my coworker couldn't fully take care of him. Now when I heard this news, I immediately offered to buy the puppy for my grandmother, who has been complaining at this time of wanting her own puppy and being so lonely at her house. I took him home, bathed him, took him to the vet for first shots, got him plenty of toys and made sure my grandmother would be ready for puppy potty-training.

So on December 19th, my Mother and I took the little guy over to her house and surprised her with an early Christmas present! She didn't recognize him at first but still loved that there was a little ball of fuzz running around her house again.

Originally Scooter was named "Chico", then "Diego", I named him "Pigpen" after Charlie Brown's less-than-clean buddy but it was my grandmother in the end that named him Scooter... and I believe it suits him!

So as you can see, 3 new puppies for the family! Maybe one day, once my time has runned up on the DZP, I'll adopt a puppy from the shelter again for myself.

Now to get Puppy DNA tests for all 3...

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