Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#37 DZP: Make a birthday cake/cupcakes for someone

HA! I forgot that I had this one on the list!

So July 10th, I went over to Jenn's house celebrate her 25th Birthday at her 90's-themed party. Now I promised her cupcakes... but unfortunately my kitchen wasn't liking me and I had problems with the plumbing... so I couldn't make them before the party. (wah wah waahhh!)

Instead I went to Jenn's a couple of hours ahead and baked them at her place! They aren't much to look at, and yes I realize they kinda look like psycho ghetto Christmas cakes, but they're colorful birthday cupcakes, damnit! They're rainbow fun-filled cupcakes, with Vanilla frosting that was mixed with four flavors of Nerds candy, and topped with more Nerds & strawberry Poprocks! (Favorite candies of the 90's I might add)

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