Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Japanese Names

... And my name is AKIKO!!!!

The girl's name Akiko \a-ki-ko\ is pronounced AH-kee-koh. It is of Japanese origin, and the meaning of Akiko is "autumn's child; bright child; glistening child".

Here's some other female Japanese names I found to be cute, interesting, ... or both!

  • MIYAKO: Japanese name meaning "beautiful night child."

  • ARISU: Japanese form of English Alice, meaning "noble sort."

  • JUNKO: Japanese name meaning "obedient child" or "pure child."

  • YOSHI: Unisex short form of Japanese names beginning with Yoshi-, meaning "correct", "fine, happy", and "good, nice." (no wonder I always loved Mario's Yoshi!)

  • TAKARA: Japanese name meaning "treasure."

  • HITOMI: Japanese name meaning "pupil (of the eye)." This name is usually given to girls with especially beautiful eyes.

  • SAKURA: Japanese name meaning "cherry blossom."

  • NATSUKO: Japanese name meaning "summer child."

  • SAYURI: Japanese name meaning "lily." (my personal favorite... the name of my future baby girl!)

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