Friday, July 2, 2010

Taking Back My Life

Dear Shannon,

I think that it's time for us to sit down and go over your life.

You have to realize that you are better than you give yourself credit for, and you need to learn how to lead, not follow. We can't keep falling down and having the hardest time getting back up. So you scrape your knees here and there, it will all heal. You have lots of people to help you up too. They might not say it, but you know who truly loves you and cares for you.

I also think it's time for us to start loving each other... like we did when we were younger. We haven't always liked each other in the past, and damn there hated and hurt each other, but I believe now is a good time to move on and learn to love, not hate. No one will love you if we don't love one another first. No more excuses. No more pity-parties! Stand up for yourself!

Now let's refocus on the list. Let's make the list not only for fun, but for you... and not to impress to anyone else! That DZP was created by you, and needs to be completed by you, for you. Sure you want someone to taste-test your first homemade pie, go ice skating with, and someone to go fly a kite at the beach with... but make sure it's for you and you're happy while completing that task.

Be more confident in yourself. Easier said, yes, but more than needed at this point in your life. Be greedy and self-centered; you're allowed for that every now and again too ya know. Focus on just us and only us and we'll get through this alive... and we will thrive! Remember: a little wise-one once told you "your the most important person in your life and you need to focus on that!"

Now go out there and live woman!!!!
Don't forget about me,
Your Soul

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