Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's Something About...


Those ears! Those tails! Those little wet noses!!! Adores!!!
(okay, so all puppies in general!)

I've been talking about adopting a dog/puppy from a shelter (no, I wouldn't buy a designer dog) and I'm starting to look from shelters and foster homes. My Mother and I have adopted from the Friends of Orange County's Homeless Pets, where we found Ginger, and I love the way this nonprofit organization works. They have adoptions at some PetSmarts & Petcos too! I'm even considering becoming a Paw Partner! But I always check back to see all the adorable faces that I could adopt, and try to find my "love at first sight" with a friendly four-footer!

Yes I love papillons, but I love practically every dog! I can't step foot in a shelter or foster home without wanting to take home every animal there. I was raised an animal lover and my Auntie Debbie loved her "children": a Boston Terrier and a tan Pug. She also had a German Shepherd too. My Mother has let me have kitties (too many to name off), a Cockatiel bird (my midget bird named Cricket), and I have a chinchilla named Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch), but he lives with my parents... but you can see I love animals.

The next "pet" I would like to be a mother to is a puppy. I've never had a dog to call my own... or rather one to call me his/hers... It's #61 on the DZP, so I have till 2013 to find the love of my life and shower this pup with luxury (yes a Juicy collar will be waiting), affection, and of course: love!

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