Monday, July 19, 2010

#30 DZP - Get a Massage

Now I knew this was going to be an easy task to mark off the list. I'm an Essential member to the Burke Williams Spa, so I get a one free 50 minute Pure Relaxation Massage or Spa Style Facial every month... or if I miss a month, then two the next month! This last time I was there for my massage, I boosted up to the 80 minute Massage with Aromatherapy lotion, that I got to take home!

"Pure Relaxation Massage: This is the perfect modality to relieve the stress and tightness caused by your hectic life. Blending Swedish and circulatory massage strokes, your therapist will gently knead your muscles to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Your body will feel suppler and you can return to your busy schedule refreshed and rejuvenated." Not going to lie: you come out so relaxed, they have a "quiet room" for you to go back and pass out for an hour or two!

Now one of these days, I want to treat my Mom to "A Day at the Spa" where we can escape from the real world and be fully pampered and truly feel like the queen/princess we are! Like the "A Day Beyond" experience: "It's comprised of the Calming/Detox Wrap, Signature Bath, Pure Relaxation Massage, Spa Style Facial, Hand and Foot Fantasy, Savannah's Surrender Signature Treatment, a delightful lunch and the amazing Ultimate Foot Massage."

If your busy, stressful life takes its toll on you. The Stress Therapy experience is designed to be the antidote. It begins with their soothing Signature Bath. Then you'll experience our Pure Relaxation Massage followed by not one but two of their Signature Treatments: Emilee's Intrigue and Hunter's Retreat. And they'll treat your skin to our Spa-Style H2V Facial and pamper your feet with the Ultimate Foot Massage.

I go to the Orange location (the Block) and I've never had a problem with anyone there. They are always so helpful, and will get you anything you'll need to make your spa day spectacular! There are always fresh fruit and ice-cold water available throughout the spa, hot tea in the quiet room, and fresh lemonade in the social room. You're given a locker with slippers and an over sized fluffy robe. There is a large hot tub/jacuzzi, steam room, mist room, sauna, vanities complete with hair dryers, hair products, etc. The showers are complete with all the amenities a woman would need, and warm bath towels. There are even toothbrushes available at your request! This place has is all!

Cross the threshold of a Burke Williams spa and be transported to a sprawling, sumptuous oasis where the ancient techniques of a world-class European spa blend with modern advances in health and science.

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