Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 Savvy Travel Aids By Real Simple

By Yolanda Wikiel; with Jenny Kim and Stephanie Sisco
Wherever you’re headed this summer, be sure to pack these helpful companions.

Disposable Pillowcases: Save yourself the who-knows-where-this-has-been? anxiety by slipping a single-use case over that dubious airplane pillow.
To buy: $5 for two,

Bandage Kit: Be prepared for the occasional boo-boo. Help Remedies’ slim, pocket-sized case includes six small and six large hospital-grade hydrocolloid bandages that can be worn for days at a time. They also have other "Help Me" kits too!
To buy: $4,

Antibacterial Paper-Soap: Flight 001’s thin sheets, which suds up on contact with water, will be extremely welcome the inevitable moment when you discover the public loo is out of hand soap.
To buy: $6 for 30 papers,

Mini Speakers: Pop the pint-sized Tweakers Mini Boom speakers into your carry-on and blast tunes anywhere laptops, iPhones, or iPods can go. Done rocking out? Just unplug them and retract the cables. Available in black or red (shown).
To buy: $38,

Spa Slides: Whether staying with friends or holed up in a hotel, a good pair of comfy slippers is a necessity—who wants to scurry barefoot across cold tile floors? Simply toss them in the wash if they get grimy. In pink, sage green, blue, and white (shown).
To buy: $35 to $38,

Transit Maps of the World: Whether you’re riding the Tube, the T, or the Metro, you’ll have a hard time getting lost, thanks to the research, graphs, and photos within this helpful compendium.
To buy: $25,

Sleep Mask: What to do when it’s sunny and 8 a.m. upon arrival but your internal clock has just struck midnight? Glide a pretty silk-lined mask over tired eyes to catch up on ZZZ’s.
To buy: $22,

Crease Release: Even the most vigilant packer can end up with wrinkled clothes. Spray this all-natural miracle-worker onto fabric, gently smooth the lines with your hands, and crumples are softened within seconds.
To buy: $8 for two ounces,

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