Sunday, August 8, 2010

#67 DZP: Go to a wine vineyard


Not only did I get to go to one vineyard... I went to TWO!
"Score!" (you know it!)

The first winery the gang and I went to was a smaller vineyard out in Temecula called Cougar!

Not quite sure why it was called Cougar... maybe they get a lot of older women with their younger beaus... ??? But the staff there were awesome! Our server who not only explained the difference between our 9 wines we tried, she also "swirladoodle" and gave us temp-tattoos!!

The next one we went to was the beautiful Mount Palamar Vineyard!
Gawd this place was simply gorgeous!!

At Mount Palamar, we could try 6 different wines (out of a list of like 50!). By then I was tipsy, so I'm not for sure which wines I tried that day, but the Port dessert wine (with chocolate kiss) was awesome! Also the Rose, and the white zinfandel were pretty tasty!
It was a wonderful time, filled with delicious wines, tasty cheeses & crackers, and great friends.

**Thank you Jenn for your wonderful pictures! You're Awesome!**

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