Sunday, August 8, 2010

#13 DZP: Go fishing

#13 COMPLETE!!!!
So yeah, while celebrating Annette's birthday at her family's beautiful ranch, the gang and I went down to the reservoir to swim and do some FISHING!
I haven't fished since I was a little girl with my father, so casting and baiting... completely forgot how to do, but it was easy to catch on to.... get it, get it... catch on! hahaha

So after a little while, I changed up the fake bait and caught myself a small/young bass!!

Not gonna lie (neither do the pictures) I was freaking out... I didn't think I'd actually catch something!!! (oh that frightening face of mine...)

But lo and behold, my catch of the day!

It was so exciting and super fun! I wasn't the only one to catch a fish either, Krystal caught a bigger/adult bass fish... in just 3 minutes of getting to the reservoir! & special thanks to Jody for "de-hooking" our two slimy flipping fish for the "catch and release"... Jody's a bad ass like that!

**Thank you Jenn for your wonderful pictures! You're Awesome!**

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