Thursday, December 6, 2012

#32 DZP: Complete the 10 iPhone Photo Challenge

#32 DZP Goal: Complete the 10 iPhone Photo Challenge
Back on the last post on my Pinterest find: A Beautiful Mess, I want to attempt to complete the 10 iPhone Photo Challenge, & I'm happy to say I was successful! Let's have a look shall we...
1. Use a blur effect
I know it's hard to see, but I used the blur-circle tool on Instagram to help with this one.
PS: Ryan loves nanas.
2. Play with sun flares
While babysitting Ryan & his new cousin Austin, we played outside on a beautiful morning, and the sun was perfect for a quick sun-flare-pic!
3. Use two filters to create a unique style of editing
I love hanging out with Ryan before "nite-nite" time.
I used "twinkle" & (I think) "Melissa" filters off the Pixlromatic App.
4. Use a timer for a self portrait
I was cleaning that massive pot behind me after Ryan's Baptism party, and I was a dumb-butt and didn't think about all the soot from the bottom of the pot... then I touched the other hand... then I wiped my eye/face... and this is what I ended up with!
So I took the opportunity to take my self portrait, using the timer on the Camera+ App!
5. Take on the challenge of taking 10 photos throughout the day
I only remember that it was a Tuesday, but which one, no clue. My bad.
Lots of Starbucks, Ryan, colorguard, traffic, and cold weather.
6. Try taking a silhouette
Funny story: I could hardly ever get the right lighting for this, so it was fairly difficult to do.
Oh but this picture is the closest I got, and it was taken in (drum-roll-please)
....the office women's bathroom! Yes! I did!
Then I took the picture through the Camera+ App and "Darken" the picture a little bit more.
7. Create a filter with your sunglasses
Left picture is with my Coach glasses, and the Right picture is without.
Not a huge difference, but noticable.
 8. Add fonts to your photo.
I've heard that it's usually "No-Pants-Friday", but this particular day was "Track-Suit-Friday"!!
It was raining, and too cold to run around with no pants, so I decided track suit it is!
For the font I used the Phonto App.
9. Make a collage
This wasn't hard, because I make collages using the Diptic or PicFrame app.
But this one is special to me, because it was the first time Ryan "met" my Auntie Debbie and Grandpa Bob.
10. Create a message
It's simple but sweet! Aloha & Mahalo everyone!

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