Friday, December 14, 2012

#22 DZP: Eat my first Macaron!

#22 DZP: Eat my first French Macaron!

It was my Mom's birthday on December 5th. But she was on "expedition adventure" down at Antarctica. But we waited for her return to carry on our tradition of enjoy birthday dinner at the Melting Pot, just us two! (since 2008!)

Just before we went in, I remembered a small, adorable bakery that's just a little walk from the restaurant. We had time so we popped in to see what Merely Sweets had.

I knew they had macarons and cupcakes, but I wasn't expecting the number of flavors! Needless to say, my Mother and I took a dozen and I believe we got every flavor:

They're light, sweet, and really delicious! I'll have to control myself because I could eat them all right now. I split them with my Mom: birthday treat for her & goal complete for me! YAY!

I will spare everyone a picture of me eating (& throughly enjoying) a macaron. No need for that!

Now I don't know if you've seen the Macaron Trees online or through Pinterest, but they look amazing. And at Merely's they have a tree guide for their customers:

Shout out to Merely Sweets! They were BOMB!

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