Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The 10 iPhone Photo Challenge!

Not going to lie: I'm really excited for this goal to be completed!

While searching all over Pinterest (what else would I be doing?!) I came across these lovely ladies and their awesome website: A Beautiful Mess!

While poking around the site, I came across the 10 iPhone Photo Challenge, and it goes a little somethang like this:

1. use blur effect
2. add sun flare
3. use 2 filters
4. use the timer for a self portrait
5. take 10 photos in one day
6. take a silhoette photo
7. create a filter with your sunglasses
8. add fonts to a photo
9. make a collage with a theme
10. create a message (cut letters out of magazine or something)

So cheers ya'll & off I go to picture it up!

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