Friday, March 9, 2012

Nail {Love} - St Patty's Nails

I wish I had the time, the energy, and the nails to paint/color/decorate my nails every DAY! Most who know me also know I have a ton of nail polish. Not enough to paint my nails a different color everyday, but maybe paint each color 2 or 3 times in a year, if I painted them everyday.

I probably got that from my Auntie Debbie. She had beautiful nails and painted them (mostly reds) all the time, whenever she had down time at work... which was usually when she was staying late. She had those "tough as nails" nails. I wish I was like her, and in some ways I know I am.
But needless to say, I love nails. I love the smell of nail polish. Polish remover. The feel of filing. The designs at the nail salon. Scratching my head with my nails... just my head now, nothing else.
My actual nails are short, brittle and don't grow worth a sh*t. Urgh. They did a good job while I was pregnant with Ryan, but after that... meh. So I go to a nail shop to have fake ones put on. I've been going to a nail salon ever since I was about 16, maybe 17. It was for the Prom (of course) and my Mom let me get acrylic "pink and white" nails. Now a days, I'll get regular ones, just because I love the colors and I have several to choose from.... choosing from my own collection.

Now seeing how it's St. Patrick's Day (almost) I went with these cuties! It was compulsive but I love them nonetheless.

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