Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Ryan: 1st Birthday Today!

My baby is 1 today.


A whole year ago I gave birth to him. I still can remember it. Vividly.

He survived his first year. I survived the year. And yet when I look back, it went by way too fast. Like I was just holding him for the first time, and *blink* there he is walking around the house and blowing kisses.

They weren't lying when they all told me to cherish every moment... not to say that I haven't, but it does flash before your eyes.

Literally. I just watched a slide show of Ryan's pictures: March 30, 2011 to March 30, 2012.

Now he's a toddler, but he will always be my Baby Peanut.

My lovebug.

My Ry-Ry.

Dear Ryan,
If for ever reason when you're older and you look back on these posts, always know that you were the best thing to happen to me. Maybe the most stressful at times, but I would NEVER trade any part of it for anything in the world. You are my everything and I am blessed to be your Mom.
I wish I could keep you this small but lets have another great year, and many more to come.
With Love Forever,
Your Mommy

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