Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RIP My Little Man Stitch

Back when I started college and moved out into my first apartment (gawd, like 2002/2003) I came across this little dude at the local Petco. At that same time, Jennifer Lopez (yes, the famous star) had bought a gray chinchilla fur coat. So because of her shopping spree, I bought this young chinchilla... to SAVE him!

It was interesting adjusting to the new critter, and especially since I've never been a chinchilla owner before. But it came pretty easy! I don't know how many hours I went all over the Internet researching. When I took him home he was all set up with his cage, food, bedding, chew blocks, jumping ledges, water dispenser, roll-a-round ball, dust bowl, and of course treaties!

(That's my lil old guy and he's buddy Ginger)

He lived with me at the apartment, and then when I moved to my aunt's house, and then I had to move him to my parents house (because I ended up being somewhat allergic to him lol), where he spent most of his years... in a 3 story cage the size of my tall dresser! I had to make sure had a mansion when I moved him there!

The past couple years, he's lived outside under the patio, enjoying his "old man" years. As he turned more and more gray, time was settling in on him and he wasn't as active as he once was. Yet he still would be very excited for his banana-chip treat (hell ANY treat for that matter, lil piggy), and every time it was "dust-bath time!" 

However, this last weekend's heat wave was a little too much for him. We brought him into the house, but things weren't looking too good for the little man. He wasn't up to eating, drinking, not even moving/bouncing around. My brain knew it was only a matter of time, but my heart wasn't ready to let go. Yesterday I went to work in the morning after saying a hopeful "see you later" to him, but I hope in the last little bit of his time he just went to sleep dreaming of dust baths and rolling around in his ball.
I'm just glad I got to be with him during these last days.

I'll always love you Stitch & I'll always miss you lil man.
Rest in peace Stitchy-Poo.

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