Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron

A while ago I read this "tail-wagging" novel with the real insights to in the world of a K9 friend, told in a touching, doggy first-person. The story tells about a dog's life and the new lifes he starts when he/she is reborn. All the same dog, but this animal questions why the reborn-again, and if it completed it's life's purpose.

This pup is first Toby, a small puppy of 4 to Mother where they are rescued by the local dog lovers (without a license to rescue), and unfortunately ends up being euthanized. He is reborn as Bailey, a golden retriever puppy who spends most of his life running around on a farm in the summer and playing with his new human family. He passes away feeling like he fufilled a purpose for that family. The he is reborn as the German Shephred Ellie, yes a female, which confuses the former Bailey. She is trained as a search and rescue dog and saves many lives. But he is last reborn as Buddy, a black lab, where he finds his old master when he was Bailey, but old and gray. It isn't till Buddy is reborn, that he finds his purpose of life.

If you're a pet-lover like me, you will laugh out loud and have tears drip down your cheeks. I really enjoyed reading this dog-loving book.

"Finally, a fictional dog who is a real dog! Anyone who has ever loved a dog needs to read this wise, touching, often hilarious book. Bailey, the narrator, tells the absolute dog truth about how intuitive your dog is, how profoundly your dog loves you (and how very much they love to roll in road kill, and how puzzled they are that you don't love it, too). Most importantly, this book allows the reader to intimately experience a genuine dog's eye view of the bond between dogs and humans, and how nothing, not even death, can ever end that bond."--Dr. Marty Becker, Resident Veterinarian on Good Morning America and the Dr. Oz Show

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