Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LHHS Band Camp 2010

I know I've been "MIA" from the blogging world for a while now, and here's the reason:
Laguna Hills High School Band Camp
('nough said right?)

For those who might not know what band camp is all about (besides what American Pie has told you about it) Laguna's band camp is two weeks long, a couple weeks before school starts. Every student who is in the band, percussion, and color guard come together 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is where the freshmen learn the basics and all the skills they'll need to help their core succeed and win top places at tournaments/competitions. Us instructors also begin teaching their field show and introducing the freshmen to the world of the football fields... and yes, everyday us instructors had to kick the football players off the field during our scheduled rehearsal. Not only is this hard work (on everybody including us staff), but it's a great bonding experience for the team and the whole band as a core.

So yes, I have the sports bra/tank top, sunglasses, flip flop, necklaces, and a faint sock tan from all the time we spent under that August sun. My car is full of empty SmartWater bottles, and wrappers from Subway and Togo's! (great lunch I know lol)

This fall year's color guard is 15 members (10 of them being freshmen). There isn't a better group of young ladies to work with. Yes they are high school crazies, and chatter-boxes, but they work extremely hard and they put up with my crap!

Now the unfortunate part of this years BC was that Annette (head instructor for our guard) was going to be on vacation for the most part of it. So 5 out of the 9 day "boot camp" I was to teach (keep in line) the girls. It was hard work doing it alone, but I made it work!

The best (and most rewarding) part of BC is the "Parent Performance" on the last day. This mini performance is just to show the student's family and friends what they've been working so hard on for the past two weeks. After the show, the Band Boosters put together a giant potluck for everyone to eat, which itself is pretty awesome.

I think it's going to be a great season for everyone, and I know those girls will do great!!

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