Thursday, May 3, 2012

#53 DZP: See a drive-in movie

#53 DZP Goal: See a drive-in movie
So the girls (and by girls I mean Erin, LilAlex, & Yvette) and I gathered our boys all together and after a sit-down-family-spaghetti-dinner, the girls grouped in one car, boys in the other: and off we went to the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre!

At $7/person, it wasn't that bad. I've never been to a drive-in before, so this was exciting!
Especially since Erin took her mustang and we put the top down!!

We had blankets and some of the guys went to get snacks: soda, water, .... churros!
Overall a great time!

(a little blurry, but it was on timer, and on Erin's WINDSHEILD!)

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  1. Love! had so much fun! email me these pics would ya? I can always steal them off of here LOL but I'd rather not ahaha