Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#77 DZP: Complete 3 DIY projects - #1

#77 DZP Goal: Complete 3 DIY projects
Project #1: DIY Dry-Erase Calendar

Now I bet you can guess where I got this DIY idea from...... that's right, Pinterest! More importantly, from The Aesthetic Writer *check her out*
Found this and LOVED the idea from the get-go.
I love that Alex and I now have a place to go and see what date-night ideas we can fill up on there!
I took a 12" x 16" picture frame... and it was a cherry-color wood, so I spray painted it a dark brown. Since I was at Home Depot getting the paint, I picked up several shades of green paint-chips.

Yes, just like the Aesthetic Writer, I got several dirty looks while picking out my paint-chips.
It's free. So deal with it. Ha!

Now following her instructions: I punched 2" x 2" squares from my paint-chips using my handy-dandy EK Square Punch. It was quick and easy. Done & done.
Note: You'll need a total of 35 square chips. You'll see why...
Now I'm sure you can get creative with the colors and what-have-you, but I liked her idea and scattered my colors across the board. Very similar to her calendar.

I bought an ivory board to place underneath the colors and stuck the chips on using double-sided Stotch tape. I didn't measure where each chip should go... I just kind of did it by eye.
Then placed it in the frame, cleaned it up a little bit, write up the days using your dry-erase markers, and there you have it!
A dry-erase calendar!!

One project down... two to go!

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