Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part I

Now I have to start with saying "BEST TWILIGHT SAGA MOVIE YET!"

Okay, now that that's out of the way, Breaking Dawn, the book was my favorite of the 4. I will always like the beginning story of Edward and Bella from Twilight, the 1st book, but the 4th has soooo much more fantasy that I love!

Now not to *SPOIL* it for some people (so stop reading if you don't want to know ANYTHING about the movie), but between the wedding, to the honeymoon, to the birth of her baby girl... I never stopped loving Bella and her story. Sure I love the other characters like Edward, Jacob, Alice, and of course silly Charlie, but I like to think I was a little like Bella, especially with the birth of Renesmee... I teared up when she was born, both book and movie. I understood her fight for the baby and that she would do anything for her.... or him because she thought she was having a boy.

And maybe one day I'll have a wedding and a beautiful honeymoon like Bella did (maybe even in Rio too!) but till then I will envy her (haha) and watch the movie again! But I am glad a vampire didn't have to....umm.... help me give birth... yeah.

I was super, SUPER excited to see the movie and I would go see it again, and again! The movie was pretty close to the book, and yes, I do know because I was one of those crazy fans that read it 3 times... going on my 4th. Heck if Ryan understood what I was saying, then we're half way through it because I've been reading it to him on and off since he was born!

My favorite part of the movie: hard to say, there were so many! I loved the birth down to the silly wedding toasts from Charlie & Jessica. Jacob's imprinting to the wolves fight scenes. From Bella trying to walk in heels to the house keepers taking the broken bed out the house. There were so many!

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