Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Monkey's Room

Yes, I've nicknamed him Peanut... but I absolutely feel head over heels for all the monkeys!! I just wanted to show you what his soon-to-be nursery will (somewhat) look like!

It's Sassy's Mod Pod Pop Monkey set, and isn't it just ADORABLE!
(I simply love it, can't ya tell?)

So I have the 4 piece bedding, the extra sheets, the mobile, the blanket, the diaper bag, the changing table sheets, the lamp, the monkey rug (not shown above)... I think the only things missing are the decals and the throw pillow... but all in due time!

I even have the bouncer to go with it:

Call me monkey-crazy (monkey-insane as Alex says it) but I wanted monkeys more than baby-blue cars and airplanes. Monkeys are sooo IN right now!

You should see the stroller, the playard and the highchair!!! (maybe in another post later)

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