Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#34 DZP: No Fast Food for a Month (Part II)

Okay, so back in January I set out to start the new year without fast food, for just a month tho. Seeing how that was difficult (craving cheeseburgers and fries sooo didn't help), Alex made the suggestion of waiting till Lent to give up the greasy goodness of fast food... and I agreed and dove into an In & Out burger with animal-style fries!

Now that Lent is on, it's not as difficult, but I still crave the stuff. But the part that I didn't think about back then is this... not only will I be fast-food-free for a month, but 40 DAYS!!! I added on extra days without even thinking about it! WTH is wrong with me!?! (Yes I know I'm not a devoted Catholic, but seeing how my baby-daddy is I'll be supportive for the cause!)

But at least Alex is suffering along with me... teamwork ya know. On top of the fast food we gave up sodas too. So lots of water (which I'm supposed to consume like 6-8 bottle waters a DAY) and juices (my favs are apple juice and cranberry-combo juices)... oh and milk!

I keep telling myself I should have given up alcohol/beer for Lent... I've gone more than 40 days without that stuff already, another 40 would have been a breeze!

Once again... wish me luck!

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