Monday, November 12, 2012

Light 'Em Up 2012

I came across this great website and this idea for the holidays is absolutely wonderful!
It's called Light 'Em Up! It brings out the real meaning to the season of giving, not the season of "how many [presents] are there?" (yes, that's Dudley from Harry Potter).
It's for parents to help teach the little ones about giving back to the community, appreciating others (especially the ones we take granted of: janitors, grocery check-out clerks, security guards, etc.), and how to give a little joy into people's hearts.
Lil Light o' Mine has 100 ways to "Light 'em Up!" like "Pay the toll for the car behind you", "Tape quarters to buble gum machines", "swing by your dentist or doctor's offices with treats for the whole team", and of course "hug someone". She also has great printables! Check them out!

Involve your whole family, get the friends to participate, and stay anonymous (this isn't about you remember!).


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