Friday, November 16, 2012

#77 DZP: Complete 3 DIY projects

Now when I say "DIY", I really thought "Craft-Time". So while I was off work, and staying home with Ryan, Craft-Time is what I did during his Nap-Time. :)
My craft store loved me: Ryan and I probably went (at-least) 3 times each week...
I always wanted to make melted crayon art, so I bought my crayons, the board, the frame, and the flowers, and took my glue and hair dryer to them. Tutorial to follow :)
Since it was Halloween, I found this off Pinterest (what else?!) and decided to make my own.
Just take a fake pumpkin (from craft store), spray paint it black (or white, or orange, or neon green... get your Pantone-color on!), take rhinestones and stick/glue them on into a web pattern, then hot glue your creepy (but glittery) spider! I absolutely HATE spiders, but I loved this project!

Once again, Pinterest sparked my creative-funny-bone: Halloween Tu-tu Wreath!
Take a roll of tulle (I bought mine from amazon, but tulle is everywhere!) and cut into strips. Tie, knot, slip-knot (whatever you want) on a foam wreath (also from craft store, I think I used a 12" wreath). Then run to the craft store and gather decorations for your fancy wreath: flowers, leaves, glittery-shinnies, and hot glue them on! I used  purple and black flowers, orange-glittered stems, and a decorative peacock feather. And because the spiders were 2-package deal, I used the other for my wreath!

Yay for crafts and Do It Yourself Projects!

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