Monday, June 4, 2012

#62 DZP: Participate in a Mud Run

#62 DZP Goal: Participate in a Mud Run

Dear Body,
I'm so sorry for the pain I put you through yesterday.
You had a great time though, I know you did.
Don't hate me.

Of course I picked probably the hardest mud run there is. But the gang was doing it too, so I went along for the mud ride!

I'm sore just typing this but I was in Camp Pendleton's World Famous Mud Run.

Ya. Understand my soreness now?

I did NOT train for this, like I should have. Can't remember the last time I ran even 1 mile.

I did NOT know what to expect, except what people had told me. What to wear was really helpful.

I did NOT think I would finish, but the I crossed that finish line... at 1 hour 51 minutes!

I came in #201 for my age group... last in our little group... but I finished damnit! That's all I care about.

Before Picture (Thx MMW for the Pic!)
I've never done a 10K race. Ever.

Until yesterday that is. And my body hates me for it.

After Picture (Thx MMW for the Pic!)
Now don't get me wrong, I hated life around the 3rd mile, but I had a blast in all the mud pits/walls/slides/rivers/etc! The mud was (of course) the best part, and I enjoyed the "refreshing" cooling part about it! Not to mention that it was great getting dirty! The hose-downs were lovely too!

I had butterflies all morning and was really starting to second-guess doing this race. The thought "WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE SHANNON?!?" crossed my mind several times. But I'm so glad I did it though. During the hard times (there were a lot of those times) I could hear Alex chanting "Pain is weakness leaving the body, Shannon. Pain is weakness leaving the body." and that helped me get through most of it. Also thankfully MMW was there pushing me through too.

It was probably the hardest thing physically I've done... wait, maybe second to giving birth... but you get my point.

If you ever get a chance to participate in a mud run, or CampP's mud run: DO IT! You'll be glad you did.

Now, where did I leave the ibuprofen at?

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