Monday, December 19, 2011

Iron Chef Zakarian

Ok, let me just say that I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Whew, glad I got that off my chest. See, most of America has American Idol, or the X Factor... Alex and I have Iron Chef America. And last night, the hunny and I watched the finale of Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs. He wanted Alex Guarnaschelli (second from the left), and I wanted Anne Burrell (third from the left), but when it came down to just two chefs: Chef Elizabeth Falkner & Chef Geoffrey Zakarian... sorry Elizabeth, but Geoffrey had our vote.

Both Alex and I were very excited (I was probably more nervous though) for the finale. Sunday morning I woke up and announced "OMG Iron Chef finale is TONIGHT!!! Ahhhh!!!" That's how excited (and maybe a little nerdy) I was for the finale.

It's usually taped in the DVR so when we got home after dinner, put the baby to bed and off to bed we went to watch it. It was an amazing episode, no... an AMAZING episode! The DVR couldn't fast-forward fast enough during the commercials! Chef Falkner had awesome dishes, and I'll admit, she's pretty bad ass in the kitchen. But our Chef Zakarian ROCKED it with his overall meal.

And who do you think won? Why else would I be blogging about this if it wasn't...


When the Chairman proclaimed this Hello Kitty band-aid lover the next Iron Chef, Alex and I jumped up and down and was screaming happiness for our Chef Z! We were a tad excited that he won, just a tad *enter sarcasm*.

Don't believe me on the Hello Kitty? One of the many episode shots of him with many band-aids on (yet another reason I wanted him to win):

Congratulations Iron Chef Zakarian!

(can't wait for next Sunday's episode where he has his first battle as the newest Iron Chef!)

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