Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December!

That's right! Winter comes full effect in December: holidays, shopping for gifts (unless you slack like me), candy-canes, putting lights up, snow days (for those of us who are not fortunate enough to have snow come to them) celebrating with friends and family... all the good stuff ya!

First comes my Mom's birthday, then getting the tree, putting icicles around the house, taking out the Christmas cookie cutters and other baking goodies, wrapping all the gifts up, Christmas Eve and the Day celebration, then my family's Japanese Mochitsuki (google it), and then New Years Eve!

This year will be extra special since it's Ryan's first December (and Christmas and such!) I can't wait to continue the traditions of baking Santa cookies, making a "I've been good" list, and leaving sugar cubes outside for his reindeer. Now I know he's very little and won't remember any of this, but I gotta start the kid of right!!

I love December, not as much as June but that's just because that's my birthday month... but I still love December nonetheless! And now let's celebrate and boogie our festive butts off.... and I leave you with the lovely Ryan Gosling being his festive-self. *drool*

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