Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Find: No Carve Pumpkins!

Great idea Real Simple!

Want some tape but with attitude?! Washi paper tape is just like masking tape but available in tons of patterns and colors. "Ready, set, get stickin'!"

- Dry erase marker in a light color (avoid black)
- Scissors
- Washi tape, 

1. Using the dry erase marker, create your design, which will guide you when placing the tape. (The marker is great for this project because it lets you draw, rinse, and repeat!)

2. Once you’re set with your design, begin applying tape to the pumpkin's surface. Try using longer strips when possible, because piecing together too many short strips will look sloppy. For this design, begin at the stem and run your tape down the side of the pumpkin, erasing the markings as you adhere the strips to the surface. Finish at the bottom of the pumpkin. After all of the vertical stripes have been made, apply tape around the circumference of the pumpkin to complete your pattern. (If you'd rather stick with stripes, skip the final crisscross step.)

I love, Love, LOVE this idea! My good friend Erin posted a piece about happy tape on her blog way back when and now I see Real Simple has been bit with the washi-tap-love-bug too! Yeah they're a bit pricey compared to Scotch or any clear-taped brand... but can you really put a price on creative decorating? I think not! :)

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