Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*Peanut Update*

Sooo Alex and I went to the doctors yesterday for my monthly checkup and ultrasound. It was the first time Alex got to SEE the little one, besides just hearing the heartbeat. Pretty sure he didn't know what he was looking at, but I'm sure that's a guy thing! (haha)

So everything with the Little Peanut is normal: 9 ounces, heartbeat normal, growing normally, 2 arms, 2 legs, little fists for hands and little feet... just normal! (phew!) He still looks like a little alien baby, but he is much bigger.

Everything with Baby was cool, but with Mommy Happa... not so much.

Now get this: after my 15th week came, I felt 100% better with everything! I could eat more things without feeling sick, I had more energy, etc. Well I must have over-did it. I was feeling some pain under my growing belly, and I was concerned it was something with Baby Peanut. The verdict: I gained 8 pounds (F'in 8 pounds!!!!) ... in 4 weeks! So because of my weight gain, that was NOT going to the baby, I put a lot of stress on my ligaments and my belly as a whole. So to help with the pain (since I can't starve myself or go on a strict pill-poppin' diet) I had to buy a Maternity Support Belt... a nice way of saying a big belly belt...

Ain't that some shit!

Gawd isn't it awful! I threatened Alex that I'd make him wear one for his belly because he was laughing at me!

So needless to say, I walked out of that office feeling like a fat-ass. It was an eye opener for sure, but I must have loved the mentality of "well I can eat damn there anything without worrying about a diet!" Oh well. I'm just happy Peanut is doing great!

OH! It's official too...

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  1. Yayyy! A baby boyy!

    Your lil calendar was right!

    Now we can start shopping for lots of clothes :D