Monday, June 7, 2010


#42 Off the Bucket Complete!

Yes, I went to a LAKER GAME!!!!
I got tickets for game 2 of the Finals, match up with Boston Celtics.

Couldn't sleep the night before, and was very giggly up until game-time... then I practically went nuts!! Alex and I had a BLAST! It was such an AWESOME game (even tho the Lakers lost) , but that was the closest I've been to my loving Pau Gasol! (special thanks to my mom for loving him too)

So before the game, we went across the street to the Nokia side, and hung out at the Bud-center, and watched people shoot hoops (some were pretty good!) So then we got inside, and went crazy on all the merchandise we could find! (we had lots to shop for)

But I can't put into words the fun I had that day! Both Alex and I were completely exhausted, that we went into an early coma after eatting dinner. So happy birthday to Alex & I!
And bring on game 3!!!

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