Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eliminate Cancer for Dogs and Children

Dear Friends,

My Mom’s good friend Donna lost her 5 year old Champion Irish Setter in December to gastric carcinoma. This was a very quick cancer and very difficult to watch for her and her family. This was a one in a billion cancer for such a young dog. Osteocarcinoma is the more common cancer for Irish Setters.
I would like it very much if in her Maverick’s memory you would all take the time to vote as often as possible on this website to help us raise more money to fight cancer. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes and who knows, it may just benefit the dog you own some day.
Thank you so much,
<3 Shannon

Sign up and vote everyday! Do it for all the poor Puppies!!!!

Eliminate Cancer for Dogs and Children

•Support research to eliminate cancer in dogs and children
•Research osteosarcoma using a variety of approaches

Cancer is the number one disease killer of dogs and children. National dog breed clubs rank osteosarcoma in the top five health concerns. Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer that also occurs in children during bone growth. The Canine Health Foundation will use the $50,000 to support osteosarcoma research. First, we will fund a project to identify genetic changes shared in bone tumors and look for the potential risk of disease development. Second, we will fund a project to evaluate of efficiency of a potential drug in treating osteosarcoma.Dogs and people are similar genetically and are exposed to the same environmental factors. Research on cancer in dogs will directly benefit children with osteosarcoma.

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