Thursday, April 4, 2013

#72 DZPII: Bake & decorate a two tiered cake

#72 DZP II: Bake & Decorate a Two-Tiered Cake!
So for the advance cake decorating class Mom and I are taking, the second class is on two-tiered cakes. The class before was on color flow technique (see puppy above), so we were asked to apply the color flow technique to a two-tiered cake. So I went on google pictures and found this cutie and created a Puppy-Dawg Cake!
Complete with fondant dog house and bowl. Around the rest of the cake is dog bones, paw prints, dog bowl, and another puppy hiding in the grass.
It's a 6 inch cake stacked on a 10 inch cake. We learned how to stack and use/cut dowels for construction.

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